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JURY 2021

Pierre Azemais a complete artist. 

Theater actor...

He will be on tour with "Fausse Note" written and directed by Didier Caron, after playing it for two seasons in Paris. This project adds to a career already well established. He notably played under the direction of Pascal Faber, Virgil Tanase, Emile Salimov, Jean Claude Cotillard, Julien Boisselier, Nicolas Bedos, Antoine Bourseiller, Guy Grimberg and Stéphane Battle.


A graduate of Moscow's MGIK, he is currently preparing the staging of “13 -Le corps ne se retype pas sans amour”, the co-adaptation of the novel “The Book I Didn't Want to Write” by Erwan Larher.


He writes his next single on stage “ROCK! Once upon a second time..."


He will soon be appearing in the feature film "Operation Portugal" by Franck Cimier alongside D'Jal, "No Man's Land", behind closed doors directed by Clayton Bukhart, but also "The Pink Thief" by Mustafa Ozgun. 

And finally actor of the small screen....

He will be in the credits of "The Crown" - season 3 and since January has played the role of the French doctor in the TF1 daily "Here everything begins". 

Lately we have seen him in "Alex Hugo" directed by Pierre Isoard and as a recurring guest in short formats such as "Scènes de household", "Central police station" (M6), "QI" by Olivier de Plas currently rebroadcast on Netflix . 

Favorite Movies: 'Once Upon a Time in America', 'Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade'

Pierre AZEMA


In 1984, after seeing Ghostbusters,Gilles SURRELmakes his first movie prop, a proton pack. During more than twenty years spent in the aeronautical industry (where he will learn electromechanism and the work of composite materials), seven as a firefighter and multiple periods in the USA, he also manufactures cinema accessories.

It was only natural that he created his company manufacturing film sets and accessories in 2016: “The special effects of the hut” since it was in a garden hut that it all started.

He also develops "flexible" accessories intended for stunts, in particular in collaboration with Gregory Loffredo who was stunt coordinator for "To die can wait".

Since then, he has also been a set props man, a hat allowing him to fully implement his creativity!

His encounters and collaborations with, among others, Sabine Crossen and Anne Seibel allow him to flourish more.

This year is very prolific, with collaborations underway for upcoming releases in 2022...


Favorite movies: “The Truman show” “Duel” “Ghostbusters” “ET”  “Jurassic Park” “Le gendarme de Saint Tropez” and many more!!!


Denis Poudou.jpg

After studying cinema and spending time editing and dressing for TV shows,Denis Poudouembarked on subtitling for the deaf and hard of hearing, a profession he has been practicing for 23 years now.

His cinematographic tastes are varied and concern all eras.

Different revelations over time and genres, Jim Jarmush with "Mystery Train" among others, "Cold Buffet" by Blier, "La Notte" by Antonioni, "La sentinel" by Arnaud Desplechin, "Fargo" by the Cohen brothers , "Laurence anyways" by Xavier Dolan and so many other things.


His recent slaps?

"The stranger of the lake" and "Stay vertical" by Alain Guiraudie

"The Wild Boys" by Bertrand Mandico

 "The Law of the Jungle" by Antonin Peretjatko

"Joker" by Todd Phillips

"Synonyms" by Nadav Lapid


A big flaw? A dislike of science fiction


“What if there was only one left?” he said.

"Themroc" by Claude Faraldo because everything will end like this…”


Lise Raynaud.jpg

Of French mother and German father,Lise Raynaudnavigates between the two cultures, first in Germany during her early years and then in France when she was 20 years old.

As a young mother, she often moves with her husband and their two children according to the changes.

With a degree in current, economic, commercial and financial German and with a strong capacity in Law, she is a jack-of-all-trades.


A cinephile and sports enthusiast, she is currently responsible for the Media Library in Rieux Minervois.

His favorite movies:

“La vie est belle” by Roberto Bénigni, “Cinéma Paradiso” by Guiseppe Tornatore and “La maison du lac” by Marc Ryedll


L Azéma.jpg

Curious and versatile director,Laurent Azemalikes to take up new challenges and surfs brilliantly on the different audiovisual disciplines. 

An eclectic artist, he likes atmospheric films with neat images as much as finely crafted comedies. If you had to find a common point in all his work, it would undoubtedly be emotion. The emotion in the acting of the actors, the composition of the frames but also and above all in the light. 

Laurent has signed the television and cinema campaigns for Orange, Air Austral, Yoplait and Crédit Agricole. In another style, he also stood out for the tourist series of the Grands Sites de Midi-Pyrénées. 

His latest film, “L'épopée du Pic”, a docu-fiction in period costumes, filmed at an altitude of 2877 meters, is currently being shown at the Pic du Midi planetarium.

His favorite movies:

Apocalypse Now, Blade Runner, Le diner de cons, A bout de souffle, Wall E

Laurent AZEMA

Patricia Birschnau.jpg


Ex-journalist, editor-in-chief, press officer and novelist (seven novels published by Presses de la Cité and Olivier Orban),Patricia Bitschnauthen pursued a career as a screenwriter, from the 80s to the present day. 

She participated in the writing of hundreds of episodes of series such as "L'Instit", "Navarro", "The girls next door", "Hello the muscular", "Les vacances de l'amour",   “Baie des Flamboyants”, “Island Detectives” and many others, (about 3500 episodes all series combined) for TF1, France 2, France 3, M6 and RFO.   

As for painting, centered on portraits, and whose goal for her was to track in the looks, emotions or states of mind, if until then she was only small breaths in her career, ended by becoming another essential string to his creative bow. 

His favorite movies:

  "Between Heaven and Earth" by Oliver Stone, "The Champ" by Franco Zeffirelli and "Mississippi Burning" by Alan Parker

Manna Megard

After having been the assistant director of Claude Berry, Jean-Michel Roux, and Jan Kounen, Manna Megard wrote and directed "Combattants de l'Arc en Ciel", a 52' documentary in 2000, as well as several short- films: "Gustave, goldfish", "The hunger of the angels" and "Cilfotenarivela". She co-wrote "Other World", a documentary directed by Jan Kounen, then "Nymphomania", "Fuck" and "North of Bollywood", three feature films. In 2018, she wrote and directed "MDR", a play that toured Occitanie. Currently, she is writing and developing several series and unitary projects for television…


His diverse tastes in cinema are varied, even including SF! 

She likes the French comedies of yesterday (Bourvil, Louis de Funès, Fernandel, etc.) and today ("Doberman" by Jan Kounen, Albert Dupontel, Quentin Dupieux). 

And in the United States, “Dead Man” (Jim Jarmusch), “Aboard the Darjeeling Limited” (Wes Anderson, as well as almost all his films…), “Three Burials” (Tommy Lee Jones), “Captain Fantastic” ( Matt Ross), “Interstellar” (Christopher Nolan), etc.

And a little more exotic “Adams Apple” (Anders Thomas Jensen), “Jojo Rabbit” (Taika Waititi), “Zatoichi” (Takeshi Kitano), “Amors Perros” (Inarritu), and many many others…


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