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Delphine Poudou & Sabine Crossen

Two friends, two madnesses, a desire, to make a Cool Festival!

Delphine Poudou 

An actress for 20 years, she turned to writing and directing by producing her first short film "Louise" in 2009   followed by a comedy in 2014, "Virginie et Paul".

In 2016, she created the duo Les DelphineS with Delphine Alexandre. Together, they write and produce "My child's soul"  in 2017, "Grandma's birthday"  in 2019 and "FAREst" _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_in 2021.

Currently, she is working on writing her first feature film "La future fin de Francis".

Sabine Crossen

A Franco-American actress and director, she grew up in New Zealand, where she obtained her first film role, an elf in "The Lord of the Rings". She also participates in the feature films "Fantastic Beasts", "Hitman", "Brice de Nice", "The Judge is a woman", "The Moderator"...

In 2015, she directed her first short film "Love makes you blind" with Eliza Calmat and Cédric Maruani (30 selections - 22 prizes).

Then, "The Wick" in 2018, "Resurrection" with Samy Naceri and Tony Simonneau in 2019 (55 official selections - 23 prizes) and "O Wimbowé" in 2020.

She is an ambassador for a rosé from the estate Lou Belvestit, which you can also taste at the festival during this edition.

When Delphine suggested that she create a film festival together, she immediately said: "Yes!". It's a dream she's had for a long time.


Etienne Ceretto - Technical Manager  

Rosa is a trilingual actress, born in Portugal, she grew up in France, and also speaks English.

Trained at the Atelier International de Théâtre Blanche Salant and Paul Weaver and at Studio Pygmalion, Rosa navigates between theater and cinema.

First in the theater, she played in about fifteen plays, addressing contemporary genres, comedy, drama, children's shows, on Parisian stages.

Then in the cinema, she shot in 2018 in French and Portuguese in the film "See you next year" by Philippe Machado.

And for a few years we can also see her in roles for television, notably in the series “Section de Recherches” (Jean-Marc Thérin), “Balthazar” (Vincent Jamin) or even “Clem” (Stéphane Malhuret).

Between two shoots, Rosa is also a dubbing voice-over.

Rosa CADIMA.jpg

Rosa Cadima - Programming Manager


Johanna Allin-Lundh - Committee Manager 

Johanna is a Franco-Swedish actress, based in Paris. 

She began her training in dance and theater at the age of 11 and co-founded La compagnie de l'autre Lune, five years later, in which she performed and assisted in the staging of plays performed in apartments.  

She trained and continues to work as an actress in several countries (France, Japan, Germany and England) and in different languages (French, English, German and Swedish). 

In 2021, she starred in Wissam Charaf's next feature film, "Dirty Difficult Dangerous", which opens the Giornate Degli Autori section of the Venice Film Festival in 2022. In addition, she is currently preparing a creation with her new company, Monstera in the Wild, a show entitled "I'll be a wild adult", which will be performed at the Plateaux Sauvages in Paris and in which she will play the main role.

At the same time, Johanna has been given the position of head of the film selection committee for the Chouette Festival in 2022!

Agency :Talented in Paris


Carole Soulié - National Education

Carole Soulié has more than one string to her bow. She combines her teaching career with her passion for the audiovisual sector by offering spaces for analysis and film reviews to her students and by carrying out her project of meetings with the Papuan chef Mundiya Kepanga around the film "Brother of the Trees ". Building on her ten years spent at the Graph, she regularly exhibits her photos in the Occitan region.

Carole Soulié - Public Relations Manager Occitanie

Michel Poudou - Volunteers & Winegrowers Team Manager


Né d'une famille de vignerons du Minervois, ingénieur agronome, il a consacré sa carrière professionnelle au monde viti-vinicole, en Languedoc mais aussi dans des pays plus exotiques. Actuellement, propriétaire du domaine de Montahuc à Saint Jean de Minervois, son port d'attache est depuis plus de 40 ans Rieux-Minervois.

Trilingue : français, espagnol, anglais

A Parisian by birth, Françoise Alquier, after having studied the violin, Latin and Greek, pursued her career as an associate professor of classics in Brittany, Normandy, Tahiti and Paris and retired a few years after settling in castle of Rieux-Minervois. In addition to teaching literature and ancient languages, she has led numerous theater and film workshops with her students. She also directed and animated the village library for seven years. She is currently the secretary of the association "Les Théophanies" chaired by her husband.

Françoise Alquier - School Sessions Manager 


Originally from Lorraine, Etienne Ceretto pursued his long career as a civil aviation design and operation engineer in Paris, then Toulouse, Montpellier and Carcassonne, where he worked on the design of technical systems for traffic aviation, airline pilot training and research. Also a light aircraft pilot, music and theater lover, upon settling in Minervois in 1998, he created with his wife the association "Les Théophanies" and chairs it. Now retired, he can devote more time to the organization of cultural activities, in particular the short film festival from 2020.

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